War is upon you.

The time in your life when you could vote for someone, then go about your life and expect them to carry out your will, and fight for your best interest is over. If you want it to return, it’s time for you to learn how to fight.

If you were waiting for the sounds of rocket fire in the distance, before you believed war was upon you, you do not understand the nature of this war.
All wars are fought with weapons for territory, resources, or authority. In this war, the weapons are words. The territory is the channels through with information is shared. The resources are the attention and belief of the people. And the authority is the resulting power to control the political direction of the nation, and really, the earth.
You may not be a front line fighter. Many will not be able to devote a lot of time to this. Some will pray, some will speak, some will organize, some will assist others, some will encourage others on the line.
But in this time, you must become a warfare people. You must find your voice. You must learn to conserve mental and emotional ammunition, and not fire randomly in outrage in the general direction of what you believe is the enemy. Avoid those who just vent and rage. They will burn out and change nothing. Avoid those always making excuses for injustice. They are not balanced. They are cowards.
Find those who are waging effective battles, and get behind them. Study them. Watch how they fight, and learn. And you absolutely must vote.
If you intend to lay down, and let this pass by, please do so on the side of the road so we don’t trip over you.
If you are exhausted, and need to rest, rest. Remember you are fighting for something, not just against someone. Remember what you love, who you love, who loves you, and what you are thankful for.
Then get back up, and fight.

Published by aarøn i am

Lifelong learner with a passion for liberty, decentralized technology, creative expression, offgrid living, and thinking before I speak. ✝ ❤ ♾

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